Exploring Norway’s fjords

Scoured and gouged by glaciers, western Norway’s fjords are pincered by steep, rugged terrain where cliffs plunge down to barely populated shorelines and vertiginous waterfalls seem to drop from the clouds. The fjordscapes of western Norway are so utterly unique and so profoundly beautiful that many people rate them as the most impressive landscapes on the planet.

Do you want to explore the fjords of Norway together with us?

Price from 500 NOK per person

(min. 4 people / 2000 NOK)

booking@destinate.no or call: +47 45 80 50 30


«Skjellfjord» is a proud Norwegian wooden boat, built in the far north in year 1922. It has been used as a fishing vessel, freighter, transportation of light house workers. It has even been high up in french canals. Truly, this boat has seen and endured many things. And now you have the opportunity to experience the fjord like they did almost a houndered years ago.

We put on the needed equipment, and head out towards the fishing grounds. The fjord has a rich life under the water surface, so dont be surpised if we get a nice catch. From the fishing spots we see towards the high mountains and valleys, the home of the norwegian people. The captain will with his knowledge bring you to a better understanding of how the norwegian landscape has come to be as it is.

We spend the time well out on the fjord to find the best possible catch of the day. And who knows, we might even catch some wind in the sails on our way home.

Duration: 2,5 hours

Additional information


2,5 hour, about 20 minutes of preparations


June – October

Meeting point:

Mølla guesthouse in Olden


maximum 12 people


Kids (under 14 years) need to be accompanied by an adult


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