Sometimes you just need to step out, if you wanna discover great ideas. True inspiration is the driving force behind everything. A fairytale kind of being follows you wherever you walk. Each side more wonderful and precious than the next. Around every corners there is new adventures and challenges. Getting away from the noice of the city, the rutines and the expectations of your ordinary life. Really put things in perspective. The silence of the mountains and the excitement with being in touch with nature. All of this is going to stay in your heart for the rest of your life. Let us accompanying your adventures in Norway, let us highlight Norway for you.

“Destinate”, when used as a verb, means “to destine, design, or choose”. Our passion is to offer unique, quality assured moments for you, and give you nature experiences that will create memories for a lifetime. We give you the opportunity to choose and design your next adventure. We believe that guiding small groups and a close interaction between the triangle of guest – nature – guide are important.

Short trips, day trips or overnight trips tailored for your wishes and needs. We comply with your interests. We are looking forward to get in touch!